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Cherwell Service Management Webinar - November 30th, 2010


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Cherwell Service Desk™ Modules

Incident Management

Cherwell Service Desk takes Incident Management to the next level. Cherwell Service Desk makes it quick and easy to capture data about an Incident, but with a host of powerful features that allow you to use that data.

Queues allow for Incidents to be routed to the best available person or group of people. Business Processes automatically keep track of your data to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Knowledge Management helps you resolve Incidents quickly and even lets you make use of existing Incidents as part of your knowledge base.
  • Cherwell One-Steps let you perform several complex tasks related to an Incident with a single click.
  • Drill-down gives you a 360 degree view of your data, by letting you drill-down from Incidents to customers to problems to Configuration Management and back again.
  • Dashboards and reporting allow you to keep track of how things are going, and lets management stay in the loop.

Asset and Configuration Management

Configuration data is at the heart of any IT organization. Knowing who has what equipment and software can save a lot of time and money. Cherwell Service Desk includes a comprehensive Configuration database that can be populated manually or via the use of our powerful, client-free discovery and inventory tools-with as much or as little granularity as you need.

With Cherwell Service Desk, you can be sure that you are not buying equipment you already have, or putting yourself at risk by not having sufficient software licenses (or buying licenses you don't need). You can also confirm that the security patches on all of your systems are up-to-date so that you are not at added risk from viruses or other attacks. And, you'll be able to understand what systems will be impacted by changes to your network or applications, and watch for unauthorized changes. When a customer contacts the service desk, you'll have immediate access to the customer's asset and configuration data, without having to ask!

And of course, the Configuration database works hand-in-hand with Cherwell's Dashboards, Reporting, Business Processes and drill-downs, to give you a complete and accurate picture, any time, anywhere.

Problem Management

Going from reactive to proactive is one of the hardest challenges for any service desk. Cherwell Service Desk helps you understand the root causes of Incidents by making it easy to correlate related Incidents and alerting your technicians as to potential and known problems, work-arounds and plans.

Change Management

It is not enough to have an up-to-date snapshot of all the hardware and software in your configuration management database-you also need to effectively manage how changes are made to your environment. Change Management lets you implement processes to ensure that all changes are approved and implemented in a reasonable manner. It can also let you know when things have changed that you did not expect (and at whatever level of granularity you determine).

Knowledge Management

It's not enough to capture data for data's sake. Whether you are an analyst, technician, team leader, chief technology officer or a customer, you need easy access to knowledge, not mere data. Cherwell Service Desk offers a powerful knowledge system at its core. With simultaneous search (and browsing) of existing Incidents, Problems, knowledge packs and the Web, Cherwell Service Desk helps you find the answer to your customer's problem-and find it fast.

Your past and present Incidents, Problems and Bug Reports represent a wealth of knowledge. Cherwell Service Desk allows you to quickly and easily access that information, like any other knowledge base, so that the hard-won knowledge of your technicians is put to good use.

Cherwell Service Desk can also leverage all of those white papers and sales documents (in Word, Excel, PDF and several other formats), by indexing them and making them available in the federated knowledge display, and launch web searches and treat the results as knowledge.

Service Level Management

You may or may not have formal Service Level Agreements with your customers or other departments. But even if you don't, you probably have informal targets and guidelines for certain types of Incidents or customers. In either case, Cherwell Service Desk allows you to create targets, thresholds and other measurement criteria that best suit your needs. After that, you can view dashboards and run reports that show you just how well you are performing. More than that, Cherwell will help ensure you stay compliant by warning you when thresholds are approaching and even perform many customer service tasks automatically, such as notifying a customer when a response is taking longer than anticipated.


Answering the phone is expensive. On average, a company spends $28 for every call into the support center. So imagine the savings if you could reduce incoming calls by a mere 10%.

Cherwell Self-Service allows customers to easily log problems and check on the status of Incidents via the Web. Not only does this reduce the number of calls to your service desk, it also gives a sense of 24x7 support even if your service desk is not open around the clock.

Cherwell Self-Service lets them do this and much more. For example, customers should be able to resolve some issues without ever contacting the support desk. Cherwell Self-service will allow customers to search for solutions to common problems (and statistically, most Incidents are common, repetitive problems). Or, for particular problems (like the ubiquitous "forgot password"), the Cherwell Business Process engine will automatically respond to, and close, the Incident for you. Now that's self-service!

For more information about how Cherwell Service Desk can work in your organization, contact an Apropos consultant.


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