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Centennial Discovery Auditing Software

Centennial DiscoveryDiscover and track your IT assets and ensure software license compliance with Centennial Discovery.

As your business grows and you acquire more IT assets—both software and hardware—it becomes increasingly difficult to manage them manually. If your company is like most, your IT staff doesn’t have the time or resources to perform a thorough audit and analysis of all assets. With the assistance of a network inventory tracking tool such as Centennial Discovery®, critical objectives such as controlling costs, managing software purchases, achieving software compliance, and performing upgrades or migrations become much more simplified, timely, accurate, and efficient.

And when it comes to servicing these assets, an accurate inventory can reduce service desk call duration by 50%.

Centennial Discovery differs from other network inventory tracking tools because it provides you with details on the physical location of hardware devices (IP addressable), ensuring not only a complete and thorough inventory, but also an effective one. Additionally, you can determine the following about your IT assets:

  • Total number of assets
  • How assets are configured
  • Date and time when changes to assets were made
  • Number and type of software applications installed, including unauthorized installations
  • How often applications are being used

Centennial Discovery provides the following key features and benefits:

  • Easy to use and implement. Centennial Discovery is easy to implement, deploy, and use. A Web interface provides a dashboard view of your assets which can be customized according to your users’ preferences. The system also is very intuitive, allowing your users to easily create reports, conduct queries, create audit schedules, and export data without any specialized training.
  • Complete hardware management. Dynamically perform complete network inventories of all connected devices so that you know what you have, how it is configured, who is using it, and where it is physically located. Centennial Discovery’s patent-pending LANProbe technology tracks every IP device on the network, including multiple platforms, servers, network printers, routers and managed switches, and firewalls and other SNMP-enabled network devices.
  • Total software auditing and usage tracking for software license compliance. Perform software audits and reconcile the collected information with licenses on file to ensure you are current with your compliance obligations and eliminate over licensing. Use this information to increase efficiency and productivity, as you can make decisions regarding purchasing and renewals, be informed of unauthorized software usage, help identify potential security issues, and much, much more.
  • Multi-platform support. If you’re like most companies these days, you are using multiple operating systems to support your business. With Centennial Discovery, you do not have to limit the types of assets you track because of what is supported. Centennial Discovery supports the most popular platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac.
  • Physical location identification and alert notification. Via the LanProbe, Discovery reports where network devices are located. Alerts are set to notify you when resources are physically moved or removed from the network. Discovery maintains an audit trail of current and previous locations, as well as duration of time the device spent at any location. This capability also applies to your portable devices that access the Internet but are not physically on the network.
  • Cost-effective purchasing decisions with Costing Wizards. Powerful Costing Wizards will walk you through determining how much it will cost to update hardware and software assets across your network so that you make cost-effective purchasing decisions based on current network inventory.
  • Minimize network traffic. Centennial Discovery’s advanced Client Agents smartly gather only the changes that occurred since the last audit. Additionally, reports are returned in a compressed format, ensuring that you get only the data you need without increasing network traffic. Plus, a single server is all you need to manage your audits, helping you to avoid the cost and complexity of installing staged servers to collate responses from sub-networks.
  • Out-of-the-box help desk integration. Easily integrate with your current help desk ticketing application so that your help desk personnel can utilize the information obtained during network asset audits to provide timely and efficient issue resolution for users.
  • Fully integrated with HEAT and FootPrints. Centennial Discovery can be fully integrated with HEAT® Service and Support™ (link to HEAT Service and Support page), allowing help desk personnel to utilize the HEAT Call Logging module for accessing valuable information on hardware and software assets stored in the Centennial Discovery database. Centennial Discovery also can be integrated with FootPrints (link to FootPrints overview page), enabling help desk and customer support staff to dynamically access IT asset data and conduct audits while working within their FootPrints 100% web-based service desk.

If you have questions about Centennial Discovery, contact an Apropos consultant.


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